Woodbury Corporation is one of the West’s largest and most experienced full-service real estate development firms.

We maintain a talented team of over 150 professionals to serve the accounting, architecture, asset management, consulting, development, hotel management, legal, sales, and leasing needs of our dynamic organization.

With a proven track record over the past 90+ years, Woodbury has demonstrated its ability to address any issue, tackle any size of project, and remain a leader in its industry and marketplace.

  • Development

    Stellar track record in getting tricky deals approved where others fail

    When it comes to successfully developing commercial property, no competitor brings as much talent or experience to the table. Having successfully negotiated literally hundreds of profitable public and private deals over the last century, the depth and breadth of our expertise is unparalleled.

  • Management

    Actively managing close to 200 different commercial and residential assets

    As opposed to merchant developers who often focus on short-term gains, successful management is the bedrock of our company and we have always been in it for the long haul. Over the past 90 years, we have managed all major types of real estate including industrial, retail, residential, and office buildings. Our long-term vision is reflected in our investment strategies, land acquisition decisions, building quality, retail partners and managerial style.

  • Architecture

    Designed and developed many of the Intermountain West's premier properties

    From programming to implementation, we can facilitate all aspects of the architectural process. We maintain a talented team of in-house design professionals. Whether a small retail renovation or a master-planned mixed-use development, our seasoned construction and development managers will optimize value, cost-savings, and efficiency while ensuring a pleasing aesthetic appeal.

  • Hotels

    Demonstrated performance through decades in the hotel industry

    Developing and operating premium-quality, profitable hotels is our passion. We have the award-winning ability in-house to develop, design, own and operate hotels, while most entities in the hotel world only perform a portion of these functions. This integration allows us to build better projects that can be developed and managed more efficiently.

  • Successfully negotiated and drafted dozens of complex public-private partnerships and commercial transactions as well as thousands of leases and ancillary documentation

    Handling a broad array of complex legal activities, our team of veteran attorneys resemble more a boutique real estate law firm than in-house council. The result is an intensely passionate and diverse group of individuals whose motive is to help create mutually beneficial long-term relationships with our tenants, communities, and companies.

  • Sales and Leasing

    Proven track record in fulfilling and delivering thousands of commercial spaces

    As one of the most well-respected and recognized commercial real estate developers in the Intermountain West, we pride ourselves on providing flexible negotiations, dependable service, and client-driven solutions. Our goal is to partner with our clients not only on one project – but on all of their projects.

  • Accounting

    Accounting and tax expertise across 12 US states and hundreds of municipalities

    Accurate, meticulous, and service-oriented financial reporting has been at the heart of our success for more than 90 years. With more than 400 entities, we demand and offer the utmost efficiency, transparency, and accuracy for our customers, partners, lenders and owners.

  • Consulting

    As one of the industry's regional leaders in dependability and profitability, we know what it takes to complete projects on time and under budget

    Successfully developing commercial property is the consummate exercise in managing capital, communities, design, construction, and customers. The harder the problem, the better we are at coming up with effective solutions.