Offices at University Place

At a Glance

The University Place Master Plan has been designed to create a town center for the city of Orem.  University Mall is the largest and oldest shopping center in Utah County, and already serves as a central gathering place for Orem residents and Utah County shoppers.  The existing mall is to be upgraded and will serve as an indoor retail Main Street and will be bookended by state-of-the-art, stunning office towers.

Master Plan Development

The office portion of the master plan incorporates two proposed sites for signature office buildings.  Two buildings are situated prominently on the Grand Plaza.  Both buildings are envisioned to be iconic buildings with a strong corporate identity.  The plan also envisions two iconic office towers framing the corner of State and University Parkway.

Woodbury’s evolution of this site into a rich, diverse mixed-use town center where people can live, work and play will provide a choice environment for those who prefer a more active, walkable community.